We are pleased to advise that we carry all makes and models of all hearing aid manufacturers

Bernafon - Beltone - Oticon - Phonak - Siemens - Starkey - Sonic Innovations - Unitron - Widex


Assistive Listening Devices

Our concern for your safety in your daily activities comes first. Having a hearing aid helps with communicating to others as well as hearing your enviromental surroundings. To enhance your daily living, we also offer other Assistive Listening Devices.


Some of these items include:


Amplified Telephones
  Personal Amplifiers (Pocketalkers)
Alerting Systems
  FM Listening Systems
TV Listening Systems
  Vibrating Alarm Clocks



Customized Ear Plugs

Not only do we provide individuals the opportunity to hear, we also provide many customized molds to protect your hearing and/or ears. These items include:

  • Myringotomy Plugs/Swim Plugs (Water prevention)
  • Musician Plugs (To attenuate levels of sound to protect hearing)
  • Noise Defenders (Protect hearing in very loud enviroments)
  • Sleep EZ (Block out sound to have a more comfortable sleep)
  • Pilot Molds (To attach to pilots head sets)
  • Sound System Molds (For Musicians)